Integrative Naturopathic Care

Dr. Murphy Works with a team of healthcare practitioners in mid-town Toronto and Durham Region to provide a truly integrative service to patients.

Her areas of focus include chronic digestive, neuroendocrine and hormone complaints.



First Visit

The first visit is between 50-60 minutes.  During the first visit we go through a full intake, history of your concern and a complete review of systems. Recent lab results from other healthcare providers and further testing may be requested to identify contributing causes. The purpose is to address the underlying cause rather than palliate symptoms, which requires investigation.

If you have any recent lab work (within 6-12 months), or previous testing (genetic, stool testing, food allergy testing) please bring them to your visit.



An extensive team of a wide-range of practitioners are available and may be referred to.  If you have an existing relationship with a healthcare practitioner I am happy to work with them to ensure integrative care.

Network includes like-minded medical doctors, nurses, medical estheticians, nutritionists, dieticians, and psychotherapists, all knowledgeable of integrative treatments and dedicated to providing exceptional care.


Frequency of Visits

A 45-minute follow up visit is typically scheduled between 2-3 weeks after the initial to discuss the full protocol based on the information requested (tests, labs, questionnaires).  Follow up consults thereafter may be every 4 to 10 weeks to ensure success, accountability, and modify the protocol as needed to achieve and maintain your OPTIMUM HEALTH!


Coverage of Visits

Most extended health care plans through your employer will have coverage for ND visits. Additionally, these are services that can be written off each year for tax purposes.

Book An Appointment

Visit Dr. Murphy in person in Ajax or request a virtual visit for those at a distant.


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