The Tools You Need To Successfully Use Genetic Testing In Practice

In the last two-decades, the number of genetic tests available has grown exponentially. While the advances in technology are offering substantial benefits for patient health, practitioners are scrambling to find the best way to incorporate this invaluable information into practice in a meaningful and clinically relevant way.

While most genetic training platforms focus on the minutia, going through countless SNPs, each with individual outcomes and protocols, this strategy fails to account for the complex interactions between the genes and the environment, and often leads to more confusion and questions on HOW to integrate genetic results into clinical practice.

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A Course Designed by a Practitioner for Practitioners

As the Scientific Advisor at DNA Labs Canada, I am constantly reviewing research, synthesizing the evidence and implementing these strategies into clinical practice. Having dedicated my entire career in medicine to understanding the clinical application of lifestyle genetics, it is my absolute pleasure to be able to bring this experience to our community.

I have some exciting news!

After interpreting hundreds of genetic tests, I still love the work, and even more so, love teaching other practitioners how to apply this instrumental information to their patients and practice.

I have teamed up with my colleague, Dr. Aaron Goldman, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer at DNA Labs) to offer a course for practitioners,

The Lifestyle Genetics Series - Foundations for Clinical Practice

A clinically relevant course that is made for practitioners looking to enhance their practice and patient results using lifestyle genetic testing. 

What you will learn...


These training sessions provide you with the foundations to interpret genetic results with confidence and the ability to implement results into practice.

  • Foundational topics in genetics, include: 
    • Introductions to the basics of genetics - Understand the terminology and biology of genetics, genetic testing and how to discern between clinically validated panels versus research-based testing
    • Nutrigenomics - Dive into gene-based dietary insights that help to predict patient response to dietary interventions and uncover certain sensitivities and intolerances that may be impeding patient response
    • Individualized dosing strategies for optimal nutrient repletion
    • Detoxification - An in-depth understanding into the clinical effects of poor methylation and susceptibility to environmental chemical sensitivity
    • Women’s health - Discussion on the impact of gene variations on women’s hormones, hormone-based conditions (PCOS, POI, endometriosis, infertility) and identifying eligible candidates for hormone replacement therapy.
    • Genetics and preventative medicine - Understand the impact genetic variations have on the development of lifestyle diseases and predictive value for determining the best treatment strategy. Includes topics on;
      • Cognitive health (Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury)
      • Heart health (cardiovascular disease, ischemic stroke, atherosclerosis, response to dietary interventions)
      • Metabolic disease (Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, response to exercise)
      • Pharmacogenomics in mental health (predicting response to medications and understanding the gene-based impact on development and treatment of mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and ADD)
  • Clinical application. Review cases and clinical protocols to apply genetic results into your practice.
  • Receive clinician guided cheat sheets and resources to maximize the seamless integration of genetic testing into clinical practice, including indicators and labs to verify the impact genetic variations may be having on your patients

The Lifestyle Genetics Series - Foundations for Clinical Practice is delivered over 4 weeks through four weekly 75-minute webinars.

As a bonus, gain access to Genetic Geniuses, a closed community to connect with like-minded practitioners, share research and discuss cases.

Reserve your seat and join our community.

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Confident Interpretation

Gain confidence and clarity in the interpretation of lifestyle genetic testing.

Clinical Resources

Receive clinical resources to quickly integrate genetic results into clinical practice.

Patient Results

Curate genetic-informed individualized treatment plans that improve results.

Lifestyle Genetics Series

Foundations for Clinical Practice

Join our community of leading integrative practitioners. Master the interpretation and integration of lifestyle genetic testing and stay current with today's advances in technology and testing.

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