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Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND

Dr. Robyn Murphy is the Scientific Advisor for DNA Labs and a practicing Naturopathic Doctor at Conceive Health working closely with a team of integrative doctors to support reproductive health in men and women. To gain insight into your health, she uses a combination of conventional labs and functional tests. This approach helps to understand the root causes to digestive, hormonal and neuroendocrine imbalances, often at the root of infertility and to create a comprehensive roadmap to your highest health.

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Integrated medicine uses the combination of standard diagnostic testing and holistic treatment strategies to remove underlying dysfunctions that promote disease. This multifaceted multi-system approach helps to restore health long-term and prevent disease.

Naturopathic Care

Dr. Murphy provides reliable research-based treatment programs that empowers patients with the insight and guidance to transform their health long-term.


Lifestyle Genetics

Dr. Murphy is a longtime educator on the clinical application of lifestyle genetics. Lifestyle genetics provides valuable information about how an individual responds to the environment.


Public Speaking

As the Scientific Advisor for DNA Labs and co-creator of AORs MyBluePrint, Dr. Murphy is enthusiastic about teaching the public and medical professionals everything genetics.



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