Guiding reproductive health with knowledge and compassionate care.

Many patients I work with struggle with hormonal symptoms (PMS, irregular, heavy or painful periods, acne) or conditions (under active thyroid, PCOS, insulin resistance, weight fluctuations, endometriosis) that affect their chances of conception.

Navigating the fertility journey can be confusing and overwhelming. I want you to know there are options for holistic and evidence-based approaches that offer reliable solutions.  

Whether you're actively trying to conceive, in the planning stages, or currently under the care of a fertility clinic, I offer comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

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Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND

Dr. Robyn Murphy is the Scientific Advisor for DNA Labs and a practicing Naturopathic Doctor at Conceive Health working closely with a team of integrative doctors to support reproductive health for individuals and couples. She has an extensive clinical background treating digestive, thyroid, hormone, metabolic and neuroendocrine imbalances, often at the root of infertility. Dr. Murphy offers a step-by-step evidence-based treatment plan that is individualized for each patient to support them holistically or in conjunction with medical treatments provided by their fertility doctor. 

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Boost your Microbiome and Fertility

Don't overlook the health of your gut when it comes to your fertility. Making smart choices at the grocery store, is one small step you can take to nourish your gut and optimize your fertility. 

Naturopathic Care

Dr. Murphy provides reliable research-based treatment programs that empowers patients with the insight and guidance to transform their health long-term.


Fertility Essentials

Join Dr. Murphy in this 4-week virtual group program that provides the key supplement, dietary and lifestyle strategies to enhance your fertility naturally. 


Lifestyle Genetics

Dr. Murphy is a longtime educator on the clinical application of lifestyle genetics, which provides valuable information to tailor patient treatment plans.


Public Speaking

Dr. Murphy is enthusiastic to share her knowledge with the public and medical professionals on the advances of genetics in fertility and clinical application.



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