Your DNA is your genetic blueprint: a set of instructions that influences how your cells and body interact with the environment, and ultimately, your health. You inherent this information from your parents, which creates a unique blueprint specific to you that impacts how you metabolize pharmaceuticals, response to diets, risk for nutrient deficiencies and disease, to ultimately guide those lifestyle choices that influence you most.

Dr. Murphy’s sits on the Scientific Advisory board at DNA Labs Canada, and is passionate about educating practitioners how to use an individual’s genetic profile to provide personalized recommendations in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease.

This includes understanding how genetics may influence hormonal balance, fertility, detoxification and unique diet and nutritional needs. 

Are you a Practitioner?

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With a DNA sample, scientists are able to identify changes in your genetic code, called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs. Researchers have identified how each of these SNPs impact health.

From nutrient metabolism to behaviours around eating to predisposition to disease, the information you can learn about your health is vast. Some areas include:


Disease Susceptibility

Hormone Imbalance

Detoxification Capability

Nutritional Needs

Mood & Behaviour

Dietary Sensitivities

Eating Habits

Exercise Regime

Personalized Weight Loss

Unlock your genetic potential with DNA testing and discover exactly what you need to reach your optimal health.


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